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Be Best-Dressed-For-Less this New Year

Hello Fashionistas … it’s CeeCee. If you’re a frequent shopper at Coquitlam Centre, then you’ll know that January is the month for CeeCee’s Best-Dressed-For-Less Sale.  This year, the sale is from January 9th to January18th … and to kick it off with a bang, Coquitlam Centre selected five local bloggers (myself included) to write about how they would get Best-Dressed-For-Less. To see a full list of the fabulous bloggers visit me at Get Real!


Coquitlam Centre - Load your arms with handbags


“Spring? Bring it! After the long, rainy winter we’ve had, we are sooo ready for sunny weather, and warmer-weather style. This season get ready for lots of brilliant colour in fashion and cosmetics, terrific new shoes, springtime fragrance – you’ll love it all. See what’s in store, right here”…..

– Catherine Dunwoody, Fashion and Beauty Editor

You asked:

What handbags styles are hot?

Catherine answered:

The Showcase store carries the best of 'As Seen on Tv'!

 You asked: I always see those TV commercials showing everything from workout DVD’s to dog-grooming gadgets. What items are the best?

Catherine answered: "I used to scoff at this stuff - but after trying some I've discovered alot of it really works! The Showcase store carries what you see on TV, and some items that top my list are the No-No hair removal device, Zumba's latest DVD, and the Shed Pal. Give 'em a go!"
– Catherine Dunwoody, Style Expert