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Coquitlam Centre - Load your arms with handbags


“Spring? Bring it! After the long, rainy winter we’ve had, we are sooo ready for sunny weather, and warmer-weather style. This season get ready for lots of brilliant colour in fashion and cosmetics, terrific new shoes, springtime fragrance – you’ll love it all. See what’s in store, right here”…..

– Catherine Dunwoody, Fashion and Beauty Editor

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What handbags styles are hot?

Catherine answered:

Coquitlam Centre – Where’d You Get That Weekend Wear?

Hi! I’m Catherine Dunwoody, Style Expert at Coquitlam Centre. When our friends are wearing something we love – we’re not shy about asking - ‘where’d you get that?’ We can’t help ourselves, it’s genetic I think …and this spring will have YOU getting asked that every day, when you shop here.
When it comes to weekend wear, Street has got it all covered, no matter what your plans are. I love this striped nautical dress, the pink striped t and denim shorts, or the lemon crochet sweater over turquoise shorts, but then again this little outfit is pretty fun for a night out.

Coquitlam Centre – Where’d You Get Those Accessories?

Hi! I’m Catherine Dunwoody, Style Expert at Coquitlam Centre. We all love our accessories, don’t we? I know I do. Accessories, and jewelry are wardrobe stretchers, and very often a really inexpensive way to change up your look.  I get asked ‘where’d you get that?’ when it comes to my accessories all the time. And you know what? I love it. Us ladies, we can’t help it, we love that stuff.

Coquitlam Centre – Where’d You Get That Work Wear?

Spring is in the air and we're changing up our look in the office!
Celebrity stylist, Catherine Dunwoody shares her tips and tricks when it comes to dressing for a meeting, lunch date, and who doesn't love casual Friday?
We're loving the colours of the season, what are you wearing to work?

Coquitlam Centre – Where’d You Get Those Shoes?

Hi! I’m Catherine Dunwoody, Style Expert at Coquitlam Centre. Where’d you get that? Those shoes I mean – they’re fantastic! Isn’t that the question we all love being asked by our friends, or co-workers? Well, since you clearly have an eye for style -  I think I should share my absolute favorite shoes with you - all available right here.
So many trends, so little time….starting with the cool new wedge soled sneaker, like these 2 pair from Spring.
Or how about the cage sandal from Sterling? Or these flat or wedge ones from Spring.