Bonus Blog - Brynn Bishop, teen blogger

Well as this amazing experience finally comes to an end, I’m saddened by not having to right a new blog for coquitlam centre every week as I gave me something useful for me to do with my time. All that’s left for me to do is share my incredible experience with all of you readers and hope to inspire your creative side, with a little glimpse at the reward and Journey to the final event at Coquitlam Centre.
It’s amazing for me to think that little over a month ago I was just skimming over the email informing me that I, Brynn Bishop, was one of the final Teen Bloggers For coquitlam centre. I have always loved writing whether it is blogging, short stories, poetry; it has always been a steady passion of mine. And after meeting the wonderful ladies running to competition and y fabulous competitors I was so excited to get started on my new month long project.
Writing blogs each week was actually much more stressful then I thought it would be, and I spent hours researching then editing each and every one of them. Hours spent at the mall, though not always a bad thing can really drain you if you have a tied mission.
After everything was said and done we finally came to the end. An event was held at Coquitlam Centre, I, the four other girls, and one friend per competitor, were given glamorous mini makeovers worth all of the hard work. At the end we found out that Amy Bunnage, a truly wonderful person, and blogger, won the prize. But in reality we all won too! Each of us received $200 dollars to the mall! Overall this past month was amazing I wish it could have lasted longer!